Crime is a growing problem across our state. We all see the fallout from laws that have emboldened criminals. I want to make Victorville completely unwelcoming to criminals so that our residents can feel safe both at home and elsewhere in our city.

What's been achieved

Our council has strengthened our city’s police presence by hiring more deputies to patrol the streets and investigate crime. We have installed more than 100 automatic license plate reader (ALPR) cameras positioned strategically to help get criminals off our streets. Cameras ping on license plates only when there is an already-open investigation. Additionally, as a strong advocate to improve traffic and pedestrian safety, we’ve boosted traffic enforcement to reduce deadly accidents and street racing. In 2019, I called for a comprehensive report on the state of public safety in Victorville, which led directly to Victorville's first-ever, formal Public Safety Plan. This Plan is the blueprint for Victorville not only to get ahead of the public safety curve but also to become proactive in caring for our community's needs. We will reduce response times to our community.

What's coming next

I will work closely with state legislators so we can hold repeat offenders accountable. I’ll continue to fight for increased traffic operations, code compliance, and neighborhood patrols. Together, we can be the city we deserve—safe for families, visitors, and businesses alike.

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