Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.

 Remember the simpler times when getting to know your neighbors was a must? When you didn’t give a second thought to leaving your front door unlocked? Times certainly have changed, but our expectations have not. We want our city to be a healthier, safer place to live, work, and conduct business—a place we can proudly call home.

While it is true that turning back the proverbial clock will not help us resolve today’s issues, we can strike a happy balance between promoting progress that provides services and programs on par with well-managed modern cities and fostering our small-town ideals and charm.

I am committed to the hard work necessary to transform Victorville into the thriving community it can be, knowing fully that Helen Keller’s legendary adage remains true today, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”    

The Platform

Combatting Crime

 Law-abiding residents recognize how criminal activity has become an increasingly dangerous and costly problem.   We must stamp out the scourges of violence, drugs, and gang activity by making Victorville an inhospitable place for crime. 

Building Strength and Vibrancy

 Overwhelmingly, the common thread running through successful cities in America is the capacity to reach beyond personal interests for the greater good of the community. In addition to our small-town values, our city has in it a wealth of diversity, knowledge, skill, and talent. By drawing from our own human capital, we can set the stage for our becoming strong and vibrant. 

Improving Infrastructure

 Victorville’s population is growing, yet its infrastructure is aging.  Let’s instead invest in rebuilding Victorville to make it more sustainable, more livable.   Chief among the pressing matters are repairing deteriorating roads; improving traffic flow; revitalizing neglected neighborhoods; installing sidewalks and adequate lighting; and ensuring that upkeep and upgrades to sewer, water, and drainage systems occur regularly. 

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