Our roads are becoming more and more congested, causing frustration for residents. Busy roads and bridges are also getting older, creating hazards and blight.

What's been achieved

For a healthy and livable community, we’ve invested in infrastructure and innovations to maintain the city’s assets. We’ve faithfully implemented our Capital Improvement Program and created Master Plans to ensure our focus for improvement remains sharp in facilities and maintenance, our library, and parks and recreation. Plus, we opened Victorville’s first-ever skate park for our youth…and adults!

Additionally, we broke ground on the Green Tree Expansion project, which has been many years in the making. This much needed east-west corridor is set to be completed by the summer of 2023, along with the Bear Valley Road Bridge Widening project. We’ve also repaved and improved roadways all over the city, fixed potholes, installed new traffic lights, and improved signage.

What's coming next

I promise to make improving infrastructure a priority while I'm on the City Council. I want our city’s framework to meet—or surpass—the standards of any big city. We’ll put consistent road maintenance and traffic studies in place to better pinpoint problem areas and deal with them quickly and efficiently. We will also improve water efficiency with advanced metering to reduce costs, make progress on the citywide bikeway network, and enhance water resources through a recycled water reservoir.

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