With a background in executive management, community outreach, and public office, Debra brings top-level skills to the City of Victorville. She is a devoted mother and Christian who has been married to her husband, Gene, for 39 years. Debra strives to live by the Golden Rule and values your voice, knowing fully that Helen Keller’s legendary adage remains true today: “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

In serving on more than 10 outside agencies, boards, and commissions, such as the San Bernardino County Transportation Authority and its General Policy Committee, Debra has worked tirelessly to set policy and build strong working relationships with officials throughout our county, including our local mayors. These bonds help her advocate effectively for the projects and funding desperately needed here in Victorville.

There can be no doubt…Debra is committed to making sure Victorville grows and thrives.

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