On campaign websites it is customary to list elected officials and political groups who endorse candidates, but I don’t wish to be defined that way. Yes, there are those out there who do good work, but you are deciding whether to vote for me—not them. This is why the people listed here are just like you. They are people who want our community to be great, and they happen to believe I can help achieve that goal. Once you’ve done your own research and if you feel the same way, I would be honored to list your name too. Simply contact me through this site.

Now, let’s get busy making Victorville a place we are all proud to call home. 

Real Endorsements from Real People!


Mrs. Jones has always been a great role model not only to her family but also to those around her. She will do great things for our community. She is ready to fight for our values and will make history.

Ashley Alvarez
Certified Medical Assistant

 Garnold and Lori Amack
School Bus Driver, County of San Bernardino
Office Assistant, County of San Bernardino 

 Don and Julia Boyd
Big Rig Truck Driver, Swift Transportation
Estate Escalation Specialist, Bank of America 


Debra is a great neighbor with a heart for serving our community.

Tiffany Cosbeboom
1st Grade Teacher, Morgan-Kincaid Preparatory Academy


Debra Jones has gained my highest level of respect and confidence.  She is a leader with insight and compassion which has resulted in positive, progressive improvement for the students and staff of the Adelanto Elementary School District.  As a City Council Member, Mrs. Jones will bring vital experience and leadership to support the diverse needs of Victorville's citizens.

Sherelle Crawford
Principal, Westside Park Elementary School


We exercise aficionados support Debra!

Patti Farinelli and Sylvia Brown
Pro Account Sales Associate, The Home Depot
Preschool Teacher


Debra is a natural for City Council. Her levelheadedness and steady determination are needed in these difficult times. She is dedicated to her neighbors because she knows they matter. She will move Victorville forward with a voice of reason.

Margarita Flamenco
Stay-at-Home Mom and Community Volunteer


A twice-elected Governing Board Member of the AESD, Debra Jones is known for her principled leadership, fierce advocacy, and professionalism. She has a solid grasp of governance and is a much-respected force for good. Without reservation, I strongly support her candidacy for Victorville City Council Member.

Dr. Edwin Gomez

Former Superintendent, Adelanto Elementary School District


Mrs. Jones is an awesome and honest person who truly cares for others. She deserves everyone’s vote!

Tuan Le
Head Instructor, Victorville Tae Kwon Do


I have known Debra Jones for eight years. She is a very professional person with a caring heart. She is very much into giving back to the community. I fully support her to become Victorville City Council Member.

Yuemei “Jenny” Li
Cosmetologist, Business Owner


Debra Jones is the real deal. She’s a woman of faith, compassion and real action. She truly believes in helping her neighbor and is gifted with the ability to bring positive change to our community. I wholeheartedly support her for the Victorville City Council.

Billy Mack
Vice President, Victorville Motors Desert Fiat/Alpha Romeo and Ram Truck Center


The Victor Valley Footprinter chapter has benefitted greatly from Debra’s experience and wherewithal regarding our High Desert communities, and most of all from her heart to serve for the betterment of our communities.

Robert McCoy
Public Safety Professional


In a time when people are losing confidence in our country’s leaders, Debra Jones is fighting with her heart to make our city a better place.

Jonathan Molo
Official Magician of Autism Eats


Debra Jones is a great person with integrity and honor! We NEED people like this to help grow our community!

Master James Nam
CEO, Victorville Tae Kwon Do Academy; CEO Excel Tae Kwon Do Academy


If anyone can do it . . . Debra can!

Brittany Ramirez
Spa Technician

Debra Jones’s experience and desire to serve others for the better is refreshing and servant-like to her family, friends, and community. Her leadership and knowledge in business and family will surely bring forth greater good.  Debra’s knowledge and leadership skills will help direct the city council in a better and brighter future for our family and for us.

Elias and Laura Reyes
Truck Driver
Stay-at-Home Mom of 3

 Amber Segrist
Server, Mollie’s Kountry Kafe 

 With over 30 years of teaching experience between us, we know a class act when we see it. Debra Jones for City Council.

Michael and Kimberly Smith

I am a businessman, so I don’t often get involved in politics. I just want to make sure our city makes the right decisions. That’s why I am endorsing Debra Jones for Victorville City Council. It isn’t about politics with Debra. It’s always about doing the right thing.

Abraham Tekin
Owner, Ozel Fine Jewelry


Debra Jones is an incredible, generous and warm-hearted human being. She is a strong advocate for our future generations’ education. She will be a very valuable asset to the Victorville City Council.

Imari Vigil
Office Manager, Victorville Tae Kwon Do

  The City of Victorville needs the installation of Debra Jones.  Her focus is community, with commitment and concern, demonstrated by professional, productive action and bringing a vibrant energy!  Victorville has the amazing opportunity to welcome Debra Jones to the City Council team. Over the past twelve years we have worked with Debra in school and business objectives, Debra only takes on what she can commit to.  

Debra follows through to a tee the projects
and tasks she accepts. Debra keeps a team focus on the big picture vision.  Bringing new light to a big vision!

Cecil and Charlotte Volsch
Owners, The Volsch Team