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Combatting Crime

Law-abiding residents recognize how criminal activity has become an increasingly dangerous and costly problem. Couple the upsurge in violent crime with the recent changes in law that now lessen the gravity of certain offenses and permit the early release of prisoners, and it is no wonder why there is a sense of uneasiness, even apprehension, in our community.

Crime exacts a high toll on our neighbors and on our businesses, and it can dry up the well of future investors. I believe it is the single greatest threat to the well-being of our city.

With dogged determination then, we must develop and implement a bold strategic public safety plan that centers on prevention, intervention, and enforcement.  We must stamp out the scourges of violence, drugs, and gang activity by making Victorville an inhospitable place for crime.

Building Strength and Vibrancy
What makes a community strong and vibrant? Experts across our nation tout paradigms and philosophies that often have little to do with our unique community. I believe the good people of Victorville understand that a no-nonsense, common-sense approach to improvement always works best.

Overwhelmingly, the common thread running through successful cities in America is the capacity to reach beyond personal interests for the greater good of the community. In addition to our small-town values, our city has in it a wealth of diversity, knowledge, skill, and talent. By drawing from our own human capital, we can set the stage for our becoming strong and vibrant. We have what it takes.

Together we can make the shift from just-getting-by to greatness if we establish and seek results from the following high standards for our city:

  • GOOD GOVERNANCE that applies the law and best practices to the work of the council, inspires confidence in leadership, and has a shared unity of purpose founded in the will of the people.

  • A SUSTAINABLE ECONOMY that attracts and preserves sensible revenue streams and creates needed resilience for recessionary cycles.

  • EFFECTIVE PUBLIC SAFETY that connects with community members and can respond efficiently to the increasing demands of a growing population.

  • A WHOLESOME EDUCATION with added opportunities to help our youth succeed in an increasingly competitive world.

  • APPRECIATION OF THE ARTS to advance a creative climate, celebrate talent, bring enjoyment, build social capital, and improve community status.

  • GOOD STEWARDSHIP OF THE ENVIRONMENT to safeguard our natural resources for healthy living.

  • ROBUST CIVIC ENGAGEMENT to help shape our city into a shining light in the High Desert.

Improving Infrastructure

Victorville’s population is growing, yet its infrastructure is aging. We must be careful not to let our city crumble as so many others have in our nation. Let’s instead invest in rebuilding Victorville to make it more sustainable, more livable. Chief among the pressing matters are repairing deteriorating roads; improving traffic flow; revitalizing neglected neighborhoods; installing sidewalks and adequate lighting; and ensuring that upkeep and upgrades to sewer, water, and drainage systems occur regularly.

To manage our assets well, we must first continue to direct our efforts toward tackling immediate demands. Second, we must develop a performance-based five-year capital infrastructure plan that identifies, prioritizes, and designates available and/or prospective funding sources for projects. Progress on goals should be evaluated at least quarterly and reported annually. These are essentials toward improving our quality of life—the overarching objective of our community. Therefore, I will propose public forums be held yearly at key locations throughout our city to incorporate the feedback of citizens, businesses, and other stakeholders into planning.

Upholding Representative Government
We rightly should expect our elected representatives to work closely with us to bolster the prospects for a first-rate quality of life in Victorville. Like society overall, however, some in our city necessarily merit our leaning in closer to them so that together we may cultivate a more meaningful vision for our city.

Toward that aim, I will pursue through collaboration the formation of a few specialized community advisory committees to advance a better-informed city council on current issues impacting:

In every city, open spaces reveal much to both residents and passersby about its identity. Is it well-planned? Does it have a purpose? Is there community pride? Is there potential for a better life? Answering these questions about our own city should spur us on to discussions about designing and maintaining open spaces that reflect a Victorville on the move.

Increasing Cybersecurity
Cyberattacks have become a fact of daily life. Privacy incidents are routinely plastered across the air waves. As a holder of its residents’ personally identifiable information, Victorville has an obligation to protect its constituents from data loss and breaches. Our city must distinguish itself from others across the state by rigorously reviewing and testing its practices to expose vulnerabilities and minimize risk.