About Debra.....

DEBRA JONES began her professional career in 1978 in the precious metals and commodities investment industries in Newport Beach, California, where she demonstrated a strong aptitude for personnel management, crisis management, internal systems control, development of policy and procedure, and the analysis of complex trade strategies. She advanced at a record pace to become the youngest executive in one firm’s history. In the 1990s, she and her husband owned and operated a custom cabinet business in Anaheim, California. During that time, she also became a copywriter for several philanthropic organizations. Her studies lie principally in business management and applied mathematics.

Drawing upon her keen business sense, leadership skills, and love for her neighbors, Debra did not miss a beat when giving back to her community. In Orange County she volunteered regularly in her church, helped pregnant, homeless women find needed support, and offered her home as a safe haven for foster babies—one at a time—who were prenatally exposed to substances of abuse or who were otherwise medically fragile. She also sought and won election to the Orange County Central Committee, ultimately earning peer assignments to the Ethics and Media Relations committees. Since moving to Victorville in 2003, Debra has volunteered in the following capacities: co-founder of the Adelanto Elementary School District’s first special education parent advisory committee, executive board member and treasurer of the Victor Valley chapter of the International Footprint Association (a non-profit organization whose focus is to build positive relationships between local law enforcement and the communities they serve), and Rotarian.

Today Debra is seated as a Governing Board Member for the Adelanto Elementary School District, winning elections in 2010 and 2014. She has served both as board president and clerk. A graduate of the California School Boards Association’s Masters in Governance program, she is well-regarded among leaders in education for her insight into good governance, her expertise in California’s open meeting law, her command of parliamentary procedures, and her flair for facilitating efficient and effective meetings. Debra served on the committees to create the district’s landmark strategic action plan and to update its board bylaws. She also spearheaded the creation of the district’s governance handbook, vision, mission, and goals. Debra upholds and pursues local control and accountability to the people, and works tirelessly to help students on their journey toward becoming productive, contributing members of society.

Debra is a Christian who lives by the Golden Rule. She and her husband, Gene, have been married for 34 years and attend church at Calvary Chapel of the High Desert. Their love for each other and family has been a constant throughout their marriage. They have six grown children.

With a breadth of experience ranging from business management to community volunteering to public office, Debra is equipped to be a dynamic city council member, ready to make decisions responsive to the unique needs of her community. She listens intently to her neighbors and takes to heart their stories, their struggles, and their hopes for the future. She is committed to the hard work necessary to transform Victorville into the thriving community it can be, knowing fully that Helen Keller’s legendary adage remains true today, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."