My name is Brandie Austin. I am a resident and business owner here in Victorville. I’d like to extend my appreciation and thanks to Mayor Debra Jones. I have followed her policies closely. She, along with her amazing team have drafted initiatives like measure P which provided much needed funds for our fire department, the extension of Green Tree which will ease the congestion on Bear Valley Rd, and won the bid for the new wellness center which address homelessness, addiction, and unemployment among other very important issues facing our city. Mayor Jones has proven that she is credible, capable and committed. She loves to serve her community in spite of baseless slander against her. She is consistent in action and handles every situation with grace. Unfortunately, Victorville has been divided into districts. Victorville, as a whole, has certainly benefited under Mayor Debra Jones’s leadership. Additionally, her character is impeccable, though she would be too modest to apccept. She is full of integrity and honesty. I cannot say enough to express my appreciation for Mayor Jones adequately. She, and her team work amazingly together and accomplish true progress. She has my full endorsement. It is my sincerest hope, that Mayor Jones is reelected. She is a true asset to every resident within district 2.

Brandie Austin

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